According to Apollo Destinations Reviews, Jamaica is known as the “birthplace of reggae” for its natural treasures and African-themed atmosphere. On this gorgeous island, you can enjoy golden beaches, lush green mountains, turquoise-blue waters, coral reefs, forests, rivers, and turquoise-blue waters.

The most important thing to do while using your Apollo Destinations Reviews membership in Jamaica is to help you figure out where to go.

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Negril Beach and the Negril Cliffs

It’s called Negril Beach, also known as Seven Mile Beach, and it’s a beautiful stretch of white sand and blue water. At Negril Cliffs, there’s another great beach.

There are also the best beaches in the Caribbean on this side of the beach. It is only three miles long and goes from Bloody Bay to Long Bay. There are many types of resorts along the shore, from large, all-inclusive resorts to smaller, more intimate ones. In the woods, resorts are hidden by coconut palm trees.

River Martha Brae

A trip to Martha Brae Rafter’s Village in Jamaica is one of the best things to experience if you want to have fun. Local guides will steer you down a beautiful river on bamboo rafts.

On your way to the beach, you can buy souvenirs and drinks at many cool spots. While on tour, Apollo Destinations Reviews says some guides will sing reggae songs or tell you exciting things about the plants and animals. You can also buy souvenirs or snacks from people in the area.

Port of Falmouth

Many cruise ships dock at Falmouth, one of the best places to visit in the Caribbean because it has been a Georgian town for so long. Avalon Vacation Resorts has so many destinations like this to choose from as a member, including the former governor of Jamaica, Trelawny, who was born in Falmouth. Apollo Destinations Reviews from members say it was built in 1769 to grow sugarcane for people to drink.

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Falls at Dunn’s River

Using rocks and limestone ledges to make 180 meters of waterfalls, Apollo Destinations Reviews suggests visiting Ocho Rios. They fall into the sea and look so pretty. They’re gorgeous. With the help of a guide, you can climb the steps to the top of the falls and cool off in the cool pools at the bottom. Water shoes and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty are recommended.

Jamaica's Best Places to Visit - Apollo Destinations Reviews

The Port of Antonio

A double harbor and mountains make Port Antonio appear like a small fishing village. This area was once a significant banana export center. Today, the room is much less crowded than the other beach towns. In Port Antonio, people hike in the jungle, raft down the Rio Grande, visit Reach Falls, snorkel, and dive in coral reefs. A favorite place to swim in the Blue Lagoon, which is 60 meters deep and filled with fresh water from the ground, is:

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Jamaica is an island country in the Caribbean and part of the United States. It has emerald mountains, lush forests, coral reefs, soft beaches, and a clear blue sea. Reggae and many personalities, Caribbean rum, and African charm have come from there.

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